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Safe4 Disinfectant Has Been Tested To Be Effective Against Coronavirus at 1:50 Dilution Rate.

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Safe4 has been protecting professionals, those in their care and the environment for more than 20 years.

We are now recognised as the leaders in our field as Safe4 products meet stringent efficacy tests whilst being environmentally friendly.

We pride ourselves that we comply with the ever increasing number of regulations and directives before they become compulsory placing our customers in safe hands.

Safe4 takes its responsibilities seriously and this is recognised by some of the world’s leading organisations who now use Safe4 to prevent harmful infection.

All of our products are animal cruelty free and are vegan friendly.

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Safe4 Disinfectant

​Caring for you, those in your care and the environment

Safe4 disinfectant has been specifically formulated to replace harsh and hazardous cleaning products, commonly used in the professional and domestic environment.

Our range has been extensively tested by independent laboratories and meets all regulatory and accreditation standards. Safe4 concentrate disinfectant is DEFRA approved.

If you are not using an extensively tested and accredited range of disinfection products, perhaps you should consider talking to Safe4 and becoming another satisfied and secure member of the Safe4 family...


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Our Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about our products.

It works! Highly recommended.

Ernest L.

Review for Safe4 Odour Killer

Does what it claims to do. Odours disappear within minutes and stay gone.

Great product excellent price

Filippa W.

Review for Safe4 Disinfectant Solution

It is safe yet effective. Have been using it for years for lizards, hamsters guineapigs and dogs.

Great product!

Michelle D.

Review for Safe4 Disinfectant Solution

Highly recomend this product, so easy to use as does not need to be dry for safety reasons before animals walk on it it can be used safely round puppies so is a god send for us as we breed and it helps keep things clean and as sterile as possible, it give us peace of mind as it fights against things like parvo while being gentle and no offensive smell.


Sandra B.

Review for Safe4 Sanitising Hand Foam

Very good product and great price. The sanitiser smells very pleasant and does not dry your hands out.