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The Environment, Climate Change & Safe4

The Earth’s climate has been constantly fluctuating, however we are currently entering a period of unprecedented increases in the temperature of the Earth. If these changes continue to trend in the wrong direction, they could have catastrophic affects.

We are facing more and more environmental challenges each day, with the majority having been self-inflicted by humans. We need to all pull together and do our part to help stop and even reverse some of the damage that we have done. That is why any change, be it little or large can have a huge effect on the end result. Think about it, if the entire United Kingdom stopped using plastic straws, that in itself would stop 8.5 billion plastic straws from potentially damaging our environment.

How are Safe4 trying to reduce our footprint?

Recyclable plastic where possible

All of our plastic containers are second journey plastic, meaning that they have been used and recycled once already. All of our plastic bottles are therefore recyclable and can be disposed of in traditional recycling bins – however we always recommend refilling them from a larger source or finding alternate uses for them before recycling.


Using our bulk containers which stores up to 1000L of disinfectant at a time, our customers are able to lower their own need for new, replacement bottles and can refill their existing ones. We are also looking into the final stages of a refillable roll for our disinfectant wipe containers.

Wipes, plastic free + refills

Whilst our current wipes are as environmentally friendly as possible and biodegradable, we are in the final testing stages of implementing a completely plastic free wipe. This along with the potential refillable containers could almost eradicate the use of unnecessary plastic in our disinfectant wipe range.

Bigger, less frequent deliveries

As mentioned above, plastic is one of the main concerns at the moment, but CO2 emissions are still at the forefront of the problem. To combat this, we have taken a number of steps, such as ordering in larger less frequent quantities from our suppliers, to reduce the amount of trips needed to our site. We have also asked all of our overseas customers to follow the same approach, which has cut the number of trips in half. With a large customer base on the other side of the world, these small changes can have a huge effect if similar practices are implemented across ours, as well as other industries.

How can you help?

All of the changes mentioned above are fairly specific to us as a business. But there are changes that we have made that can be adopted whether you are a business in a completely different industry or a single individual looking to do their part;

Get in touch!

Let us know how you are doing your part for the environment and If you have any suggestions on how we can reduce our environmental impact further please get in touch!


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