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Most laundry liquids that are available in supermarkets are around £3-4 per litre but there’s good reasons our Laundry Liquid concentrate is better than that laundry liquid and better suited for the animal industry. In a nutshell, ours don’t contain phosphates or phosphonates, ours is PH neutral whereas others tend to be Alkaline, ours is hypoallergenic whereas others aren’t, ours has no optical brighteners which others do. Below we’d like to explain why these differences are important to wash materials that come into contact with animals and why our laundry liquid is better for the environment. Taking into account that ours is a concentrate it is excellent value for money.


Just like humans, animals can have allergens and so can your pet. These allergies can be difficult to identify as an animal can’t communicate to it’s owner or carer what they’re feeling using language. As with humans, chemicals in cleaning products can cause allergies. How do you know and what can you do? Frequently, animals with allergies will have skin reactions is your pet always scratching? Is their redness, flakiness or hives on the skin? an odour issue? Swelling, diarrhea or vomiting, sneezing, chronic ear infections, constant licking.In severe cases of allergies an animal can go into anaphylactic shock. Our laundry liquid concentrate has a perfume within it that has had 28 elements removed from it that can cause allergies.

A rash on the skin of a dog due to allergies
A rash on the skin of a dog due to allergies

Phosphate Free

Phosphates in laundry detergents are dangerous for the environment. Whilst phosphates have low toxicity they do cause nutrient pollution which is a major concern. When phosphates enter water they increase the mineral content and nutrients in water which leads to increased algae. Increased algae stops light and oxygen from entering the water and will cause the death of the ecosystem. The collection of phosphates through mining is harmful for the environment, it has destroyed large parts of African countryside in countries like Morocco or Togo.

PH neutral

PH levels refer to how acidic or alkaline a solution is. Solutions with a significantly high and low pH levels have the potential to be very dangerous to humans and animals whether ingested, inhaled, or contacted with skin. Highly alkaline or acidic solutions can cause severe skin burns. In contrast, since the pH level of skin is close to neutral — approximately 7.4 pH — workers and animals who come into contact with neutral chemicals are at minimal risk for more than skin irritation. Neutral pH detergents are gentle on fabrics.

neutral pH cleaners are less likely to cause adverse health effects and harm surfaces, and more likely to be safer for users and the environment. Most laundry detergents are alkaline and this is bad for the environment. Alkaline solutions released into water streams, lakes or the ocean create alkaline leachets. These increase the need for high chemical oxygen demand and oxygen depletion in water. This can increase the level of sulphate, salinity and retention of metal and mineral retention. This can smother macroinvertebrates and reduce light penetration, waters with high alkaline leachets have reduced fish and life in them. Marine life is threatened with death in water that has oxygen depletion.

Dead fish due to oxygen depletion
Dead fish due to oxygen depletion

Optical Brightener Free​

Optical brighteners also known as fluorescent brightening agents aren’t readily biodegradable and may bioaccumulate, so they pose a potential hazard to aquatic life. Also, according to a 2011 report by the European Ecolabel Commission on criteria for laundry detergents, as optical brighteners undergo photodegradation, numerous metabolites may be produced that are not yet identified, which means we may not know the true potential impacts upon the environment. This causes eutrophication which is when a body of water becomes overly enriched with minerals and nutrients that induce excessive growth of plants and algae. This process may result in oxygen depletion of the water body.

Eutrophication in a lake
Eutrophication in a lake

Optical brighteners can lead to irritations and allergies when in contact with skin. Given these questions regarding environmental effects and the huge amounts of these chemicals being used today, it seems wise to cut back on our usage of them when we can. Start by voting with your pocketbook and not buying laundry detergents with optical brighteners, phosphates or are alkaline!

Built in Deodoriser

The deodoriser that is built into the Laundry Liquid concentrate is perfect to remove strong animal smells from items such as bedding, dog leads, towels used to dry off animals, nurse uniforms, stable rugs etc.

​ The product is available in a 1L container and a 5L. It can be used in a regular washing machine and can be washed at any temperature.

Due to the product being a concentrate very little amounts are needed to achieve an effective wash. It is recommended to use between 5ml-20ml of the product per kilo of dry weight. So a 1L container of the product would be able to wash 100 kilos of dry weight worth of material and 5L of the product 500 kilos of dry weight. It is the concentration of this product that makes it very affordable.

The laundry liquid can also be used to wash materials by hand with water. A washing machine is not required to use this product but is recommended. It is often the case that many of our friends wash dog leads quite frequently or toys that animal use and wash them quickly in a sink with the laundry liquid concentrate.

Safe4 Laundry Liquid Concentrate

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