Autumn at Jimmy's Farm


Autumn at Jimmy's Farm 
Channel 4 @8pm

Our plans tonight are consisting of settling in for the evening and watching Autumn at Jimmy's Farm. The show follows Jimmy Doherty and his team at the farm and wildlife park for autumn and prepare for the arrival of some new - and unpredictable - animals




Tonight's episode we will find out about the elusive meerkat Steve McQueen!

With the changing seasons Jimmy and his team are flat out at the farm and wildlife park. They have to get ready for the arrival of 6000 turkeys and the births of two dozen rare breed piglets.

It’s love-match time for the rams and over on the wildlife park there are suspicions that the tapir might be pregnant. Elsewhere, there are wallabies to round up and more animals due to arrive that could prove a handful.

The woodland wildlife starts to harvest the summer’s bounty to get ready for winter.



Proud Partners

We are immensely proud to be partners and sponsors of Jimmy's Farm. Being able to provide a helping hand to reopen and sponsoring enclosures for new animals has been a privilege.


An Episode Every Week!

Make sure to watch or catch up every episode! 

Running every Wednesday @8pm on Channel 4.


Keep your Eyes Peeled!

Keep an eye out for our products being used across the Park and in specific Safe4 Hand Disinfecting and Wash Stations!



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