Shine & Detangle PDSA Shampoo for Dogs (500ml)

Shine & Detangle Shampoo for Dogs (500ml)
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PDSA Shine & Detangle SHAMPOO FOR DOGS (500ml)

Key Features

  • Antibacterial
  • Soothes and calms itchy, dry skin
  • Contains coat conditioners for a healthy coat

PDSA Vet Care, Shine & Detangle Shampoo for Dogs combines antibacterial and anti yeast properties to help cleanse and condition your dog's skin, whilst helping prevent dry, flaky skin and skin disease.

A neutral PH, antibacterial, blackberry scented animal shampoo, infused with Aloe Vera, PDSA Animal Shampoo combines cleaning agents with coat conditioners to soothe and cleanse the animal's skin, helping to maintain a hygienic coat and healthy skin.

PDSA Animal Shampoo Shine and Detangle also contains a conditioning agent which gives good gloss to coat and aids detangling, particularly on long matted hair.

When you purchase a unit of the PDSA shampoo, £0.75 of the proceeds of your purchase go to the charity PDSA: 

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